Welcome To Facebook By Design

Facebook is one of the largest growing social marketing platforms today. At over 800 Million active monthly users and growing, this course will teach you exactly how to speak to your audience and what to say to them. I am so glad you have decided to join me and I know you are anxious to get started.

One thing you will notice is we do offer a ranking system, based on caffeine levels (obviously)! The levels include Tea Level, Coffee Level and Espresso Level. All levels are available to you as a subscriber, however the ranking system will help you determine where to start off on the program to help you achieve maximum results! Tea Level covers the basics of Facebook marketing and is a great place to start if you consider yourself "technically challenged" or just a beginner at marketing on Facebook. Coffee Level is for those that use Facebook fequently and are very familiar with marketing concepts on social media. Espresso level is the highest level of course material and is for our most advanced learners. Each section has a quiz following the course materials to help you get the most of your lessons and see where your weaknesses are. Feel free to leave comments or questions on each lesson and the community of students or one of our instructors will assist you.